Custom Dye Sublimated Sport Apparel

With our state of the art printers and heat presses we can print, press and manufacture sport apparel and gear for any sport, the sky is the limit. Our dye sublimated sport apparel ranges are tailor made to your requirements, we cover a large range of items, such as golfers, raglans, t-shirts, shorts, leggings, dresses, skirts and more. These are printed on a variety of of durable, moisture resistant and breathable fabrics that wont rip or tear under stress.

Some of our Sport Apparel Range

We can manufacture any garment for any sport you need. This is just a sliver of what we can do for you.

Dye Sublimated Golfers/Polos

Custom dye sublimated collared shirts for golf/cricket or other general sports wear. Our dye sublimated golfers are fully customisable, collars can be made from the same material as the shirt or a thicker ribbed material, button colours and quantities are chosen by you.

Dye Sublimated Raglans

Raglans are popular for sports use due to the increased flexibility for your arms and shoulders. Raglan sleeves extend to the collar and are sewn to it as well as the front and back panels of a shirt. Our dye sublimated raglans are fully customisable, accommodating round neck, v-neck, polo collars or standing collars as decided by you, we can also add buttons or zips.

Dye Sublimated T-Shirts

The most common shirt style, despite its simplicity and ubiquity, t-shirts are versatile and comfortable, our dye sublimated t-shirts are fully customisable, with v-neck or crew necks, various high performance moisture resistant fabric options to suit your needs and budget.

Dye Sublimated Tracksuits

Our dye sublimated tracksuits are completely customisable, choose from half or full length zips, various comfortable fabrics, with or without lining or padding.

Dye Sublimated Sports Kits

Dye Sublimated Rugby Kits

  • Rugby Shirts
  • Rugby Raglans
  • Rugby Vests
  • Slim Fit Rugby Shirts
  • Rugby Shorts
  • Rugby Socks

Dye Sublimated Hockey Kits

  • Dye Sublimated Hockey Shirts
  • Hockey Shorts
  • Hockey Skorts
  • Hockey Skirts
  • Hockey Dresses
  • Hockey Socks

Dye Sublimated Netball Kits

  • Netball Dresses
  • Netball Shirts
  • Netball Crop Tops
  • Netball Skirts
  • Netball Skorts
  • Netball Shorts

Dye Sublimated Cricket Kits

  • Cricket Shirts
  • Cricket Collared Raglans
  • Cricket Pants

Dye Sublimated Sports Clothing

We cover every sport with our extensive range of dye sublimated sports clothing, from top to bottom we can create any sports garment you need. If you have any queries or requests you can contact us.